Too much bait or just the wrong fly?

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Posted by henry cowen on 2013-05-18 06:52:44

Well it is always nice to post a report on Dan's board with good fish porn for everyone to enjoy. I have been fishing (guiding) Lanier hard the past few weeks and aside from our normal striped bass and spotted bass fishing during the daytime, the dock light bight at night has been sensational! Well until yesterday. I had some really big fish on dock lights yesterday morning that my client just could not close the deal on. I think it was just too much bait on the light. Maybe I just kept selecting the wrong fly... I don't know. However the video below shows you these fish swimming through the lights and the shad on the lights. It was incredible. These were all 15-25 lb fish and I was dying that my client could not seal the deal. We fished intermediate lines and sinking lines. We fished 3" long flies and 6 " long flies. We tried different retrieves of slow, fast, short and long. What would you guys have tried?


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