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Posted by Morsie on 2013-05-18 00:50:36 in reply to Sage 6000 / 8000 pro series reels posted by Dave on 2013-05-17 06:15:41

I have fished Sage reels almost exclusively for the probably the last 8 years, that includes the 3000D series, some of which were made in the USA, the 6000's and now the 8000's as well. A lot of my friends use them too. I have probably mistreated mine more than most. I've had some issues as a consequence of poor maintenance but only minor and these were well taken care of by the Sage people, issues as a consequence of saltwater intrusion from long immersions while photographing fish on the flats.

I caught a 50lb sailfish on an 8012 recently (I have no problem using these for billfish) and dialed the drag up to E20 using a 30lb tippet - it took no line.

All the fish in these pics have been caught on Sage reels, including those marlin on an 8080 on a 1190 ONE (its a BIG 8 weight reel - more like a 10). I really like the drag set-ups and performance and I really like the proportions of these reels. The 3000D's are all still going strong after years of use and abuse and I expect the same from the rest of them.

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