Huge Warning on Thermacell - about killed me

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Posted by mschoder on 2013-05-16 22:25:29 in reply to Re: skeeter repellant devices posted by Tony Papazian on 2013-05-16 12:20:21

I would really caution the proper use of a Thermacell, and as originally posed to put on your body. NO NO NO

My story: Last June I had a call for someone working on a "bush property" to bring them out a Purge 3 automated repellent. The Purge 3 is fully non-toxic and can even be used around food preparation. I could not find them in town, so bought some Thermacells on a friends recommendation. I flew out, delivered the ThermaCell and the guy broke it out of the box and set it next to me. Colorless, oderless and deadly. After having a couple of brews, with it right under me, I wasn't feeling good and left in my skiff to go a few miles to my cabin. I could hardly navigate. When I got to my dock, I went to get out of boat and stand up on my dock and had no muscle motor control fell off dock, put a 16d nail through my ribs as it broke my ribs and fell in the lake. I was in 2' of water and could not move. I struggled out and tried to stand up. Fell down.. 10 more times I tried, I was freaking thinking I was having heart attack. Nobody around. I crawled 600' with broken ribs 100' up my trail to the cabin on my stomach. What happened is finally I started getting back to normal. I went to my Thermacell box as I bought one too, and it said: Toxic vapors, colorless, oderless, DO NOT breath fumes, can cause incapcitation and loss of muscle control. If affected imedatiately initiate mouth to mouth recesitation. or something close to that....

So I share my story when I can, damn thing about killed me... Your mileage may vary

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