Tarpon Stick revisited

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Posted by John Fischer on 2013-05-16 21:09:37

After reading a few post from the original thread I kind of had to chuckle. Greg Mau and I had a conversation a while back regarding rods for tarpon. He pointed out that is the rod that important or is it the reel used. These days the imported blanks can cast those heavy 12wt. lines just fine. It ain't dry fly fishing. I proceeded to go out and buy a Ross World Wide 12 wt. rod for all of $78 from a discount house which I will not mention and put my Billy Pate Tarpon reel on it..
We spent last week with AL Smatsky of Excellent Adventures fishing in Belize. I'm sure Greg will give a full report on our trip. He's a much better writer than me. Here are a couple of pics what that rod and reel accomplished.

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