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Posted by Marcus S on 2013-05-16 13:05:24 in reply to San Jose, CA - Spring Wind & Safety on the H2O posted by Bob S on 2013-05-15 20:47:19

Are you worried about safety or fishing conditions? The spring is generally very windy in the delta, but the delta is a big place and the deeper reaches can have a calm/hot inland weather patterns while the main stem areas are howling. Also some areas of the delta have much taller levees which make it easier to fish in the wind. Also, from a safety standpoint there is no wind condition that makes the interior delta unsafe. Big river crossings, open water, and franks tract, etc.. can get big standing whitecaps, but again, this is not necessarily unsafe with skill and confidence in a Scout 175 in 99% of wind conditions (including 25-30 mph wind). Avoid the big rivers on max ebb with a big west wind.

There are full time bass fishing guides on the delta and they don't cancel because of wind...and a bass boat is not as safe as a self bailing Scout 175, although a 20-21' bass boat will eat the Scout for breakfast running in big wind chop.

San Luis can be downright dangerous (and kills people) in big wind as there is sufficient depth and fetch to get some serious wind driven swell and waves going.

All of the wind/weather forecasts are fairly accurate, but in general successful timing is not about "planning" but about making yourself available to fish and looking ahead no more than 24-48 hours. You will not get a reliable forecast a week in advance.

If you choose a day to fish have several options up your sleeve (delta or san luis or some other venue) then based on what you see in the forecast the night before, and the morning of, choose your location accordingly. Barring extreme conditions in general this isn't about safety but about fishability. Keep in mind the coast is often the inverse of what is happening inland. If a marine layer is causing strong winds inland, it can be calm and foggy "in" the marine layer. Salmon season is open.


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