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Posted by Jonny King on 2013-05-14 08:26:14

A friend recently sent me some of these little squiggly rubber things called "Squirmy Wormies," distributed by Spirit River. You can stretch a two inch strand to over three feet, and they seem to be indestructable. First thing I thought of was squid tentacles, because they have a much bigger diameter than a typical rubber/Sili leg. So here's a squid, tied on an articulated shank trailed by an Owner Spinnerbait trailer hook, with the Squirmy Wormies as tentacles (threw in a little fox to give the head/tentacles some body). I have not fished this fly yet, and we'll have to see if there's any fouling issue, but these rubber/silicone things are about the wiggliest, most active material I've ever seen -- natural or synthetic. This one's a pretty plasticky fly, but I think/hope it will work. It's about 6-7 inches ...

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