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Posted by henry cowen on 2013-05-14 05:57:00 in reply to Tying rattles into striper flies posted by Bob Fabini on 2013-05-13 19:58:28


I have found that tying my rattles in as you mention in #2 is the best way to go. while it is a personal choice. I like to encase my rattle in Mylar and tie down on both ends. I then will coat my Mylar w/some CCG flexible to give a little durability. I do not like securing rattles as is method #1 for hook gape problems. Method #3 works just fine too. I just do not like anything effecting the movement off the rear of my fly so I do not use that method. Our flies just are not long enough so I keep the rattle on the reverse side of my hook point.


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