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Posted by David Dempsey on 2013-05-13 22:28:46 in reply to Re: Crime and our Rivers posted by Walter on 2013-05-09 15:20:17

Not your post, Walter--just all this talk of concealed firearms and the need to defend oneself.
I have to agree with the folks that said it is a sign of the times (the economic meltdown, substance abuse, etc) as well as the folks who said if a spot is that dangerous, then maybe you shouldn't be there?
About the only thing firearms would do in that particular environment is to escalate things. It's a fool who brandishes, thinking that will somehow calm things down--and just how many of you are prepared to drill somebody right between the eyes? (Only cops are the ones who generally get away with shooting someone in the back...)
As it is, we have seen far too many questionable shootings from people over-reacting and some (in my opinion) horribly flawed "Stand Your Ground" laws. I've been shot at twice now and returning fire at least in one situation would have been about the stupidest thing ANYONE could have done because we were a sitting duck in a rubber raft!!! Ever try to hit anything while you are bobbing up and down as you floated down the river? Meanwhile the shooter didn't have to hit either one of us to let the air out of our sails--so to speak. :lol
I'm not anti-gun by any means. I carried a shotgun loaded with buckshot and solid slugs across Alaska and I have a .357 magnum (stainless :lol) with some extra hot loads for problem bears and critters (but more often than not, you are hoping the noise will scare them off).
...and yes, this particular .357 will stop a bear--if'n I get a shot off at close range or in the roof of the mouth ;-) (A man has to have balls of steel sometimes :lol)
I'm not a fan of any of this "My dog is badder than your dog" type of talk but I have to confess one "technique" that worked for me on the Feather was to set up a target and fire off a few rounds--like 5 or maybe even six... Real quick squeeze off a few more. It keeps the dirt bags guessing ;-) It helps if'n you hit the target though--and in those days, I could see and would generally dot the "i" on a Budweiser can.
Anyways, the problem generally is substance abuse--and an economy that is in the toilet so as long as people won't be a little more open minded about legalizing or decriminalizing most drugs, the problem won't be going away anytime soon. You can look at it two ways: Get these people in detox problems or just wait for Mother Nature to thin the herd (as they die of complications related to long term drug use and overdose). Sorry--kinda--to be so cynical

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