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Posted by Brian Horsley on 2013-05-13 16:35:09

just returned from 6 days of fishing with good friend Gary Bulla. I brought along 8 of my clients/friends. This is the third year for our hunting spring roosters.

Fishing was good but not as "easy" as last year. There was bait but it was 15 miles away and then a 15 miles run back. Long runs are fine with me as i love to nap on boats. The traditional spots were over run with trollers both with live bait and flies. Trollers and live chumming fly fishers do not occupy the same spaces very well. I have no problem with folks fishing anyway they want too-- just sometimes the different
styes do not mix. So we went in search of quieter waters. Fish were found and fish were caught. A couple of days we had wind and chop lucky for us we are from the east coast as they are the norm. I think the biggest fish of the week was mid 30s and at least 5 or 6 more in the 30s were released. Lots of fish in the mid 20s and lots of chicks if you got too close the the beach. The hot flies were tan and white airheads and papagallos. Pretty sure everyone was spooled up with Rio's Tropical Outbounds either floating or intermediate. I prefer 12 to 13 foot leaders as do most of my guys. I fished the 10 and 11 Sage Ones. I prefer the 10 and caught the majority of the fish on it. Plenty of stick.

Gary runs a great trip and i highly recommend it. I know we will be back in September and again in May.

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