Costa Rica fly fishing.

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Posted by Clay Takaya on 2013-05-12 11:01:16

On a recent "non-fishing" trip to Costa Rica with my wife and a few friends, I got out for a couple of 1/2 day panga fishing sessions. We couldn't find any roosters or snook, so we settled for these large schools of 5/lb bonito which although smaller than the ones in Baja, were plenty feisty enough for me.

First time I ever ate bonito too. We bled them and put them on ice. Fileted properly, they were almost as good as sashimi tuna, but mediocre in fish tacos.

Experimented with a new ContourRoam video camera and free MS Movie Maker for these:

Costa Rica Bonito on a fly rod.
Costa Rican Needlefish.

Although I've only been doing saltwater fly fishing for a couple of years, I'm really hooked on it and hoping to get schooled by the experts on this board.

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