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Posted by Walter on 2013-05-09 15:20:17 in reply to Crime and our Rivers posted by Earl on 2013-05-09 09:50:58

The American has been a sewer for quite some time, because of all the different dirtbags around.
I've seen several cars vandalized while I was fishing over the years. I've heard of trucks and trailers stolen. My buddy took his boat out with a guy to show him it before he bought it, they got truck no trailer.
I've had a methhead somehow pickup a log that weighed more than he, and throw it upstream from me hoping it would take me out while wading.
I've seen fights at Nimbus and heard of a gun pulled over fishing spots let alone a robbery.
The worst is the crews that come in three, one to watch the area gate, one to watch the fisherman, and one to break in and/or steal the vehicle. Thats how they operate.
Untill they leave bait cars in the area with gps and laptops with gps trackers to steal....good luck.

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