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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-05-08 12:46:07

My old friend Brad Jackson whom many may know as the co-founder of the Fly Shop in Redding and also a founder of Fly Water Travel - an all-round good guy and superb fly-angler. Brad fishes all over the world but has just started getting into our California stripers. Last year he came down to fish SL with me for a few days. We ended up fishing SL one day and the delta the next. We had decent fishing both days, both places and Brad was hooked.

Brad came down from Redding again yesterday with hope of fishing the lake 2-1/2 days with me.

We started out at the usual morning hour, made the run across the lake to the dam and Brad made his first cast about 7:45 a.m; and on his first cast he hooked and landed a 29-pounder. Now that's the way to start a day.

Fishing was actually slower than it had been and I believe it was because of the low pressure created by the passing thunder storms. The fish just seemed to be a bit off - at least for me. Brad however was doing just fine with a chart/white Jig Hook FT Clouser he picked up from Umpqua. By 11 a.m. Brad has landed 23 fish and I only had 3 to hand.

Finally things picked up for me after lunch when I switched from a type 6 RIO Outbound Short to T-14 Custom Cut - 28 feet.

Overall conditions were about the same they've been for the last few weeks except for the storm front and pressure changes. Water temp had dropped a couple of degrees but the lake was nearly glass all over until around 4:00 p.m. when the wind started to build and we had to get off the water.

Ed Given was on the water with his granddaughter and they were into fish pretty consistently.

Overall it was another great day on SL and I was ecstatic that Brad had done so well. His 29-pounder was a beauty.

This morning when I got up at 5:15 and called the Wind Lady it was blowing pretty hard and after several calls it looked like the wind wasn't going to lie down so we bagged it; went for breakfast and Brad headed back to Redding.

Here's a few photos of Brad in action and of his catch.


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