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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2013-05-07 16:10:53

Pyramid Lake

Water temperatures have jumped into the high 50’s over the past week. The Pyramid Lake fisheries reading at Sutcliff on May 5th was 56 degrees. The water is still in great shape for May and there are still some really nice fish being caught. There was a 14 pound Pilot Peak fish caught at Warrior Point on May 3rd. There was an 11 Pound Pilot Peak fish caught around Popcorn on the same day and a 10 pound fish caught at Dago Bay as well. Although numbers are a little on the low side there are still some big fish cruising the shallows. The next couple of weeks should be pretty good at Pyramid. There have been a ton of Chronomids or Midges hatching as well as a few Callabaetis as well. Nymphing rigs continue to produce with red or black Maholo’s. This is also a great time of year to fish Olive colored flies right on the bottom to imitate Dragon Fly nymphs and sand beetles.

Truckee River

The flows continue to rise almost on a daily basis. Thunderstorms and snowmelt are both contributing to the water levels on the Truckee. Water clarity remains pretty good so far and unless we get a big rain event somewhere in the area over the next few days it should be o.k. At the current flows wading the river gets a lot more difficult. Be careful wading right now the conditions sometimes make the river look easier to get around than it really is. This would be a great time to work on your streamer techniques either with a floating line and a weighted streamer or even a short sink tip line. Look for fish to be holding out of the main current in seams, near the bank and in slower water. There have been a few Caddis sightings on the lower river East of Reno. It should not be long until we start to see more and more bugs in the evenings. There are also still some March Brown’s and some Skwala Stoneflies around as well. Flows are: Town of Truckee 220 CFS, Boca Bridge 740 CFS, Farad 853 CFS, Reno 727 CFS.

Little Truckee River

Flows jumped to 459 CFS over the past week. At these flows there is water outside the banks and in places that are usually dry or have very little water. The fish are really spread out right now. Look for fish close to the bank and in slower water out of the main current. Nymphing has been really good lately but you have to approach the river differently. With this much water a lot more weight is needed to get your flies down. A larger lead fly in a two fly rig can also help. Don’t be afraid to use 1 or 2 BB split shot and put more distance between your indicator and your flies. Heavier tippet is also recommended. Midges, Baetis nymphs and San Juan worms are all a good bet right now. This would also be a good time to try some streamers in some of the larger pools.

East Walker River

Flows are 67 CFS. These are very low flows for the first part of May. Below average snowpack in the East Walker drainage is most likely going to keep the flows down for most of the spring. The fishing should remain really good until the weather gets hot sometime in late June or early July. There have been more fishermen in the area with the traditional “opener” and the flows at fishable levels. This has made fishing a little tough especially on the California side. Caddis nymphs in size 16-18 have been working well. Fish are definitely looking up and dry dropper rigs with a Stone fly dry and a Caddis nymph is a good way to go.

Davis Lake

Davis is fishing o.k. but the fish seem to really be spread out. This is pretty common at Davis after the fish move on from their yearly spawning tendencies and before the lake gets more weed growth. There is a really good Blood Midge hatch most days especially when the wind is down. Fishing blood midge patterns under an indicator or with a floating line and a long leader making very slow strips has been pretty effective in 6-14 feet of water. There have been some fish eating emergers as well. It will get a little easier to target fish near the surface as the lake gets more weed growth in the coming weeks.

Frenchman’s Reservoir

Fishing has been a little on the slow side at Frenchman’s. It is hard to figure out why. This time last year it was pretty much wide open. It may be due to the lake being low from a dry winter. There is a decent Callabaetis hatch starting and that could get things going over the next couple of weeks. Some of the coves are going to be pretty shallow this year and the fish will be in a little deeper water as the spring goes on and the water warms up. Hopefully the report at Frenchman’s will improve soon.

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