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Posted by Chris Sumers on 2013-05-06 10:16:44 in reply to Tarpon Stick. posted by Ted Cassar on 2013-05-05 08:30:14

My 2 cents...Most of my tarpon chasing is in 25-40 feet (and deeper) of water and I've been using the TFO Bluewater LD for the last 4 years and have been super pleased with it's performance. I mainly use it with a Leviathan 500 gr line with heavy, weighted flies but, in the instances where were we have been in shallow water, it's handled the floating and intermediate lines with non or lightly (bead eyes) weighted flies just as well. As for back bone, this rod has plenty to spare and you can put a hurtin' on them with this stick. I have mine matched up with a Tibor Pacific and it balances perfectly.

While I haven't taken any large tarpon with this stick, it's done nicely with fish up to 100 lbs. in deep water. I've also used it to take some nice ling (cobia) and plenty of "hour jacks" (crevalles). I'm hoping that it's next work out will be on some East Cape Roosterfish.

Tight lines, Chris

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