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Posted by Jeroen on 2013-05-05 00:36:21 in reply to Re: giant Atlantic cod norhtern Norway posted by Max Garth on 2013-05-05 00:02:06

Cheers Max, I have seen some of Morsie's posts on dredging. And I do have some experience with dredging myself, down to 130 feet in the North Sea for bass. All fish in the Atlantic cod family are prone to swelling due to swim bladder problems. When fought correctly the swelling problem isn't a problem. I have caught big (40 pound) cod on conventional gear over 200 feet of water, that were ok when landed. If you bully them up, they'll come up with the bladder hanging outside their body. A big ling (Molva molva) I caught in Denmark at a 1000 feet, even popped to the surface halfway through the fight. That was a fish well over 40lbs and for me the last time to do this extreme depth fishing. Actually, the direct drive cranking helps these fish to adjust to the pressure change. I have caught large coalfish on fly on depths to over 100 ft, that weren't affected by the pressure change, while the fish that were caught by my buddies using soft plastics and high speed retrieve Stellas and Saltigas, came up bloated.
The whole IGFA thing doesn't interest me. I want to get the big cod on fly and if I do, I probably don't even measure or weigh them. Might do if I get curious about the weight, but not for bragging purposes. The experience of doing something new is what counts for me.
It is highly unlikely that these winter cod will follow any berley stream up. They follow their food, massive schools of herring and at times will become pelagic when the herring feasts on the souplike clouds of krill.
If things work out, we'll have a thrilling time whatever the outcome. A big bonus will be that this and next year will be climax years for Aurora Borealis, which will inspire me to get some awesome fishing images.


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