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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-05-04 17:14:56

Man I'm I loving being retired from guiding! Now I get to fish more often with my pals.

I hit San Luis yesterday with my long time pal, Ed Given for the first time this year (first time with Ed). The conditions were nearly perfect when we headed across the lake at about 7:30.

We were into fish almost immediately and we stayed on them pretty much all day. Most of the fish ranged from 3- to 5-pounds but I did hook into a Moe than took me into my backing before rocking me off. It felt like a really good one. Oh well, they do win sometimes.

The water temp had risen a couple of degrees from 62 last Wednesday to 66 Friday. Of course that can change if the coastal fog moves inland and generates a cold blow over the lake, dropping the surface temps.

I pretty much fished my 9-weight TFO Mangrove rod all day, lined with a type 6 sinking RIO Outbound Short. That rod threw that line effortlessly - what a combo for this type of fishing. That rod is sweet! It doesn't feel like a 9-weight in the hand but it sure handles those scrappy schoolies; and I know it'll deal with the Moes just fine. TFO has another winner with the Mangrove. Like has been said - it's really hard to find a bad fly rod these days; so many good choices!

Ed was using smaller, brighter FT Clousers tossed on a TFO Pro 7-weight - white/yellow was his hot fly. I took most of my fish on the same fly I've been fishing the last few outings - the Blue Belly FT Clouser, size 1 to 1/0.

Ed was using 30-feet of T-11 by the way.

There were about 4 other fly boats on the water and from what I could see, everyone was catching their share of fish.

What I was thrilled most to see however, was a boat with two game wardens stopping people in boats and also checking those on shore to check for illegal size fish being taken and for over limit numbers. They weren't even checking licenses - just fish. I spoke with one of the wardens who was interested in my skiff and he told me he was sure glad the striper regs hadn't been changed. I told him he could thank Striperfest and the Allied Fishing Group for that. He told me he knew about Striperfest's involvement in the [lawsuit - reg change] debacle.

If the wind doesn't kick up next week, I'll be fishing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with old pal, Brad Jackson. I hope I can hold up...


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