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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-05-03 14:49:27

Aside from a couple of convicts that talk funny hanging around Islamorada things are “typically May”. We have wind and more wind accompanied by overcast, cloudy, glaring skies. Fishing has been extremely difficult. The fish are already under the boat by the time you see them. There is no time to prep, stumble or hesitate. Most casts are within 20’ and you had better know how to throw off your opposite shoulder to place the fly correctly if you are right handed like me. It is not a horizontal cast so the wind is going to affect it. At one point I was throwing off my left shoulder with the wind blowing from behind me on an angle. I can double haul from this position and was able to reach and tempt one fish to eat but he was coming toward me and never turned off. Needless to say the fish did not come tight. The wind and Tstorms that developed in the afternoon turned the sky dark grey to black. At that point it was all over. I did something yesterday I’ve never done in saltwater, MEND! It was the perfect technique. I cast the fly out mended the line and held the rod high and let the wind take the fly away from the fish and the boat…OMG it worked! The fish tracked the fly decided against it and moved on, time to change the fly! I was standing on my poling platform a fun thing to do since I got the sissy bar and noticed a huge fin coming at me in front of that huge wake was a small loggerhead swimming for his life. Only shark with that tall fin in the BC is the Hammer. Sure enough the turtle sees my skiff takes a hard left onto the flat where the 10-12’ hammer cannot follow. So he blows up right next to my boat giving me the stink eye as he swam away. Real Mutual of Omaha kind of stuff. The weather reports are iffy for the weekend however next week looks pretty good. Just for Jay who seems to think I never land a fish I offer this….notice the secret fly?

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