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Posted by Tom Malech on 2013-05-02 16:32:00 in reply to San Luis Yesterday with Steve Cali posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-05-02 13:44:23

Hey Dan,

I got out today with my uncle Ray. Dead calm conditions and water was at 64-65 off the dam.

Uncle Ray was a first time FFing (for stripers) and he was a quick learner. Got the line out about 70 feet, learned the strip, and did a nice job strip striking. He was rewarded with about 15 - same size as you guys got, 3-5 pounds. Even the boat driver got into quite a few, grin ;-) Sure was nice to take my uncle who took the time to take me fishing a lot as a kid. Good pay back! He said it looked like I've learned a thing or two.

We got out at 7 and were off the water by 11 or so. Saw Steve Santucci with two clients and they were doing well also.

This was one of those days you are happy to be able to show someone special (you with your grandson, me with my uncle) Good weather and good fishing. We had a fantastic time!


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