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Posted by Steve H on 2013-05-01 16:57:20 in reply to Gamefish for Stripers, Red Drum & Spotted Seatrou posted by Chuck Laughridge on 2013-04-28 17:40:45

Just Got this from a buddy, I spread the word abit on one of my fishing boards,

A meeting to discuss Game Fish Bill (HB983) will be held in Raleigh on Monday, May 6, 2013.

Time: 1:30 PM
Legislative Office Building, Room 643

Each speaker will be allotted two minutes. This is the final time there will be public testimony offered on this important piece of legislation. The Coastal Fisheries Resource Group urges everyone to get there if at all possible and let the legislators know we are behind their efforts to improve our coastal fishery resources and our fishing! See you there and good fishing.

In your presentations to the legislators on Monday and in any future contact you have with legislators remember a few things. Since you will only have two minutes, prepare a script and stick to it. I always read from a script to avoid wasting time.

Avoid emotional rhetoric. We need to ask the legislators to:

1. Focus on the outstanding data provided by the NC Div of Marine Fisheries and Dr Louis Daniel.
2. Focus on the facts that the legislature has made to run our state more like a business.
3. Focus on allocating all public trust resources to the user group or groups that will provide the highest total economic return to the state and the tax payers of NC.
4. Focus on the fact that while heritage is both honorable and should be respected that we can not run the state in a business like manner by continuing to repeat the past, we must mange for today, tomorrow, and the future.
5. Focus on the 7 Southeastern states that have already gone down this path and not one of those 7, from Texas to South Carolina has ever hinted that going back to the old ways of commercial fishing is an option.
6. Focus on the fact that not one state from Texas to SC is sitting over on Arendell St at the NCDMF offices trying to find out how we manage fisheries.
7. Focus on the payments made to keep any commercial fisherman with impacts to income due to gamefish up to 1 MILLION dollars a year for verifiable loss of income.
8. Focus on finally allowing our state to compete on an equal footing with other Southeaster states for saltwater fishing tourism dollars.
9. Focus on the fact that saltwater public trust resources belong to all, but limiting them to exclude the commercial sale has precedents in both our inland fisheries for bream, bass, freshwater trout, muskie, crappie, etc and in our small and large game animals like deer, rabbit, quail, and waterfowl.
10. Focus on the fact that the three fish proposed for gamefish (estuarine striped bass, red drum, and spotted seatrout) in HB983 comprise .90 of commercial landings and 1.89% of total commercial landings in our state.
11. Focus that commercial fishermen in 2011 had 18 participants that made at least $10,000 in income from any combination of the HB983 gamefish and in 2012 that number dropped to 7. In 2011 75 participants had incomes on any combination of proposed gamefish of at least $5,000 and in 2012 that number was 41. In 2011 NC had 220 participants that made at least $2,000 and in 2012 that number dropped to 149 in 2012. Only 197 commercial fisherman sold any combination of these fish legally according to the NCDMF.
12. NCDMF data overwhelmingly supports the economic aspect of gamefish with this 2010 data (may be updated to 2011 or 2012) a total economic return of the commercial harvest of proposed gamefish of 2.5 MILLION and the recreational fishing for the same three proposed gamefish comes in at over 70 MILLION.

Please put the 6th of May on your calendar and get to Raleigh and bring a friend, the commercial folks surely will. Support HB983! Even if you don’t speak, show up and wear gamefish stickers available at the meeting.

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