What's on your fishing bucket list?

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Posted by David Dempsey on 2013-05-01 12:18:15

Well now...

I've been having some health issues--nothing that can't be cured apparently but it sure got me thinking about my last will and testament--and who will get my old surf rod and those old bamboo rods that I never got around to restoring and who wants a beat old drift boat on a trailer too rusted to tow? :lol

Still waiting to figure out a treatment plan--and what might be involved...

All of which got me to fantasizing (morbid--but just the same...)

What if you knew the end was near--and you knew pretty much how much time you had left?

What would you do?

I was thinking almost everything on my bucket list has been checked off--other than Argentina. I would tell the IRS "Gosh darn I'm really sorry about that late return" and then load up a few rods, my tent and sleeping bag; turn off the lights and head out the door.

I'd fish until the money (or time) ran out... (and spend time with friends and loved ones but some of them would have to go fishing with me)

One more trip on the Missouri; another visit to Yellowstone--and Nevada (yes, Nevada) to a few places that aren't on anyones radar. I'm thinking of some wonderful floats on some secret spots on the lower Sacramento (secret only in the sense that they are often overlooked) as well--and I'd spend my remaining days probably on the Hat.

What would you want to do or where would you go?

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