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Posted by Parker on 2013-04-30 13:47:06 in reply to C&R Bay Stripers Question posted by Paul on 2013-04-29 22:01:16

It is not anathema to me. It's your own decision but it's admirable for you to put personal practice up for discussion. That's a hilarious story about the "We got a sportsman" here...

I like that this website isn't an outlet for dead fish pics. Other sites, the ethic is basically: catch, photo, kill, post to web. Old school trophy fishing--and I worry that's encouraging killing. It get's awfully real when you see your personal spots showing up on the internet along with meat locker shots and you have several new friends in residence at the bucket spots.

I think tho in a couple years the way things are going maybe we'll see the rise of militant C&R practices even on the sites which encourage catch and eat.

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