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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2013-04-30 13:20:31

Pyramid Lake

The full moon is behind us now and the water temperatures are still in the low 50’s. The month of May could really be a good at Pyramid. We have had some really good reports even through the full moon cycle. It looks like we are going to have some really warm days in the coming week and the water could warm up fast. It is perfect right now though and if you are thinking of going to Pyramid now is the time. Weather will start to play an even bigger part as the water gets warmer. Wind and chop on the water will become more and more important. Early mornings and late evenings when the sun is off the water will also be a factor. There are more and more midges hatching at the lake now and there are even some Callabaetis showing up. Fishing with nymphs and midges under an indicator or simply stripping them in without an indicator with a long leader and a floating line is hard to beat right now. Black Wooly Worms like the Midnight Cowboy and the bloody Mary have been really good fished with a shooting head as well. Fish the wind and move often. Fish really tend to school up this time of year.

Truckee River

The river has come up some in the past few days due to run-off. A Couple of back to back 80 degree days in the Reno area got the snow melting in the high country. The fact that the river only spiked a couple hundred CFS is a sure sign that we will not have any significant run-off this spring. It will have some effect over the next few weeks but the Truckee should remain fishable for sure. The flows are up but it can be deceiving because the water is still pretty clear. It is more difficult wading right now so proceed with caution. The upper stretches around the Town of Truckee are still low. As you get farther downstream more tributaries contribute to the flows and by the time you get to the Hirschdale area the flows are high. Fish the edges and slower water out of the main current. Fish will move out of the fast water to not have to work as hard. There have been a few Caddis sightings on the lower river and the evening Caddis and Little Yellow Stonefly hatches are approaching fast. The Truckee is usually blown out when these hatches start each spring but this year should be different. Keep an eye on the flows as they are fluctuating every day. Flows are: Town of Truckee 270 CFS, Boca Bridge 695 CFS, Farad 839 CFS, Reno 712 CFS.

Little Truckee River

Flows on the Little Truckee remain at 235 CFS. They have been steady for a few weeks now. These flows really give the fish a chance to spread out. Fish can be found in lots of places that they normally don’t hang out. This is a great time to explore some new water and look around for new spots to fish. Approach the water just as you would when the flows are lower. The water is still clear and there are plenty of fish on the edges in shallow water. You will be surprised where you will see fish. There are still some fish on spawning beds so be careful where you wade and pay attention before crossing the river. Baetis and Midges are most of the available food right now and can be effectively fished under an indicator. Use a little more weight than usual and fish the seams and edges. Have some dries ready, there have been some really good hatches although not every day. Cloudy non-windy days are the best.

East Walker River

Flows on the East Walker are 49 CFS and have been there for about 6 days now. There has been some added fishing pressure with the “Opener” last weekend. The fish are still looking up for a number of different bugs including Caddis, Midges and Stoneflies. Nymph rigs and dry droppers are a good bet right now with the flows on the low side. A great way to approach an area is to take two rods. One rigged up with an attractor dry like a Madam X or a Stonefly imitation. Make a few casts in a run around the edges, seams and in shallow water before walking right in. Then make a few in the deeper faster parts. Don’t overdo it. Fish will usually take on the first few casts if they are going to. Next take your 2nd rod, rigged up with a couple of nymphs and work the deeper water around the main current. This technique also works well with a buddy. You can take turns and fish together. Irrigation season is right around the corner so look for the flows to start to go up any time. Lower snowpack should keep the East Walker fishable for most of the summer.

Davis Lake

Davis is shaping up to have a great season. Blood Midges are already out in force and there are even a few Callabaetis showing up. There have been reports of even some Carpenter Ants around as well. There are still some fish in spawn mode and hanging around the feeder creeks but that is changing daily. There have been some really nice rainbows caught on Blood Midges fished under an indicator and also emergers fished in the surface film. Everything seems to be early this year and Davis is no exception. Look for the Callabaetis bite to happen very soon. The water is in the mid 50’s and the conditions are just about perfect. Look for the reports to get better and better in the coming weeks. The dock at Camp 5 is in and ready for use.

Frenchman’s Reservoir

Frenchman’s is a little low to start the season. That has not slowed down the fishing at all. Fish are chowing on Maholo Midges and Nymphs in 6-12 feet of water already. We had similar reports last May and it lead up to a wide open Callabaetis bite as well. The Rainbows in Frenchman’s are a little smaller than at Davis on average but pound for pound they are crazy and fun to catch. They are once again really healthy and fight hard. Look for fish cruising the shoreline and eating bugs on the surface. Both Davis and Frenchman’s should offer some really good sight fishing over the next month or more.

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