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Posted by David Dempsey on 2013-04-30 00:06:30 in reply to Re: Secret Flies...or Mastering the Hatch? posted by markusfipps on 2013-04-29 09:54:14

No idea who this "Ralph" character is but I often fish some very hard fished water (the downside of trying to find fishable water in or near the Bay Area)

A Parachute Adams--more often than not--will get laughed off the water ;-)

I have done several presentations now (to various fly fishing groups) about fish becoming habituated or conditioned to angling pressure. Rene Harrop has written a few things on the topic as well. THAT (habituation) seems to have changed more than a few of the rules--and those oft quoted "Old Anglers Tales". ;-)

The short version? If you can show the fish something that looks like the bug that is hatching --but just different enough that the fish haven't seen it all season for the last two years, you are often sticking a lot more fish!

Some of these trout are truly "PHD's" (Picky Harassed and Damn Difficult) they will key in on various aspects of the insect or hatch and/or stage of hatch (the triggers). Often I see fish (always depends where they are sitting in a particular run or section of streama) keying in on a nymph in the film for example-- or cripples (hence the importance of the trailing shuck)

Obviously good eyesight and attention to detail are paramount ;-)

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