San Luis with Grandson Brad Yesterday

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-04-29 17:39:18

It was a beautiful day on the big pond, barely a breath stirring at 7:00 a.m. when we headed across the lake to where I wanted to start fishing.

Brad just turned 16 and he's only been fly-fishing SL for a short time, with only about 4 trips under his belt where he fended for himself with only advice (and lots of it) coming from me. Brad has really come a long way since I first showed him how to cast a T-14 head in my driveway.

He's now launching 70 to 90-footers and has the double haul going pretty good. He still has the Lead-Core-Lurch (duck) going but aside from that he's getting the job done. In fact he cast through the boat a lot yesterday and he never once hit me or anything in the boat, not even the rail.

We ended up with lots of fish, all from 3- to 5-pounds. Brad has his best personal day landing 8 fish and dropping a few. The bite was very technical and the fish needed to be teased with lots of stops and drops and often the take was almost imperceptible on the drop or fade-back. I'm sure Brad just didn't feel the take a lot of the time. I finally got him to swing on "anything" that felt weird. He did, and he started hooking fish. I'm really proud of how far he has come along with his casting since he doesn't get out often because of school and sports.

We stuck with T-14 CC lines, 28-feet of head; sparse tan/blued syn FT Clousers; 8-foot 20-pound leaders. Nothing fancy. We caught fish from the rocks and in lots of open, deep water too.

Here's a few shots of Brad having a great time with GD.


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