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Posted by Rich P on 2013-04-29 12:55:58 in reply to Re: East Cape/La Ribera posted by john on 2013-04-26 14:28:23

You can walk the beach all the way from Leonero to Las Barriles (stop for a refresher at Buena Vista!), or go in the other direction south where there is a small bay/cove just south of the resort. You will find fish scattered all through the area, often cruising the trough only 20 or 30 ft. off the beach. A stripping basket is IMHO imperative. Also the correct type of shooting line is important. I find that the SA Mastery Series Saltwater running line .035 works best for me (I believe Dan suggested this previously), or Rio Slickshooter if you can handle it, combined with a sinking shooting head (does not need to be super fast sinking for beach fishing). Clousers certainly work, but a sardina baitfish streamer, bucktail or synthetic or combo, has been more effective for me. One other suggestion - although you will be tempted to go barefoot or wear sandals on the beach, there are often schools of small jellyfish right along the shore that can be a real pain! Flats boots with some sort of ankle protection may be a better idea. The best fishing will be early in the morning and again in the late evening. Good luck.

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