Re: Secret Flies...or Mastering the Hatch?

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Posted by markusfipps on 2013-04-29 09:54:14 in reply to Re: Secret Flies...or Mastering the Hatch? posted by Ralph on 2013-04-28 21:48:09

Must be talking your world.
Statements are too geographically specific.
Ameletus Velox aren't present where I fish Callibaetis spinnerfalls in the morning. The only Ameletus we see are Sparatus and they hatch at much higher elevations and months after the march browns are long gone.

Truth is it's pretty easy to tell all these bugs apart from a distance if you know your fishery. And its generally easy to catch fish with patterns that are all similar in size, coloration and shape.
Still don't fish a P-Adams during a Callibaetis spinnerfall. Just my preference.

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