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Posted by Bill Martin on 2013-04-28 13:19:20

Went back over my records for the last few years, just to see how the 2012-13 season stacked up. I was quite sure that it was a good one for me, and sure enough it was, especially this spring. I'm pretty much done with the Delta until fall, now that the rockfish/lingcod season opens May 1.

I also landed more fish over 5 lbs this year than I have since the early 2000s. In 2009, I did pretty well in the fall, but terrible in the spring of 2010. So the seasons from spring 2010 thru spring 2012 were just plain bleak for me: few fish, lots of skunks, and most of fish on the small side.

I did a little more experimenting with smaller flies, and did quite well with a small white/blue one on several days. No chartreuse! Who knew!

And a nod to Steve Santucci: I tied up a big green/black clouser after Dan's post the other day, and landed my last fish of the season on it. A good sized male taken from a rocky area - my own theory is that he was hunting for crawdads & that color combo matches up pretty well.

So I'm pretty convinced at this point: the shut-down of the salmon season a few years ago and the subsequent targeting of stripers by the party boats had a distinct negative effect on the striper population. But they are rebounding. Hopefully it will be even better next year!

See you out on the ocean!

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