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Posted by Steve H on 2013-04-27 05:54:21 in reply to Re: 55lb striper @ weldon posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-04-26 23:53:56

Dont apologize, I left some details out, I've used most all of em, my Buddy works at Orvis and gets me Wonderline G3 1/2 off, stuff is slick and has brought 1000s of Stripers to hand in the Roanoke, I even use the stuff for Albies at Cape lookout off the surf, cuts thru that 20k wind no problem. love it with my Redington 10# rod,

On the Roanoke, if Im drifting any weighted line will work ok, just need to get that 45 degree angle in the water,
Now when your anchored with that 9500 flow running you cant just cast out and get it down, and I wont use 500grain lines there, to much work, takes the fun out of fishing, 350 wonderline is my goto stuff,
What worked the other day anchored up was to cast out @ 8 oclock (not real far, because your fishing the school behind the boat, once I cast out to the side, I feed out line right away (about 10 feet) by shaking it side to side, it pulls out fast doing it that way, puts that fly in the strike zone pretty fast, then I put my rod straight down in the water and hold it there for around 5 seconds. we were fishing in 20FOW so thats what it took in that higher water, and of course the SHOCK STIP, Now that the flows are dropping its so much easier to fish there with the long rod, All our flies were working as long as you put it in their face, Mike was using a tutti frutti and I like a Gray/white pattern I came up with, If you ever visit here again, I would love to put you on some of our fish,
this video below, I took a few years back shows me at the end doing the deadly Shock Strip, That day we fished the Gap, and it was on, the flows were around 8000,less then what we had this last trip, I didnt have to put the rod in the water or feed much line out, Every flow and every spot needs tobe fished alittle different there, moving water is a challenge to fish sometimes,
Here's the Vid,

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