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Not sure where the researchers stay, as none were down yet for the season during my visit. The guests stay in rustic but adequate cabins that were built in 2005. Tin roofs, ceiling fan, and two small beds with a closet for your clothes, but one of the best views I have ever had as mine was about 20' from the water.

There are also buildings that date from the WWII days that have been utilized (boat ramps and cistern). There is also a dry lab that is apparently air conditioned, as our pilot slept there.

It was rainy, but the first few days only had intermittent rain, which I liked as it dropped the temp from high 80's to mid 70's. when it is that warm, the rain was cooling on the flats and I never wore a jacket even during the downpours. Last day was constant rain and it may have exceeded an inch during the day. Also lightening storm, which chased us off the flats where I was chasing triggerfish and several bolts came near enough to scare the piss out of me and my guide.

Apparently thy do have high turnover due to the isolation, but I think I could man up for 3 months if it meant I got a chance to cast to tailing triggers again. I think they have knocked permit off the top of my temple and are amazingly colored to boot.

The food was good and they have clean and comfortable showers and heads and do your laundry for you, which is a plus when you come home soaked with sweat and rain from a full day of fishing.

I would also like to get a shot at milkfish, which we did not see enough to target. Gotta like the willingness of GTs to eat anything cast reasonably close to them and stripped fast.

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