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Posted by Glenn on 2013-04-24 17:46:20 in reply to Re: Eleuthera in three weeks posted by Jim on 2013-04-24 15:38:20

Well Jim, with my tongue buried firmly in my right cheek, I wouldn't worry so much about spotburning as that "famous" flat you speak of is anything but secret especially since it shares the same name as the city that General Sherman marched thru on his way to the sea, heh-heh. That said, fish have fins and your point while understood has nothing to do with my desire to access Windermere for what I hoped to be a quality angling experience, fishing withe missus in hopeful solitude, well away from the roadside masses including everyone from the Rainbow Inn :). Shoot I don't know anyone on Windermere anyhow so what was I thinking anyways?



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