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Posted by Jim on 2013-04-24 15:38:20 in reply to Eleuthera in three weeks posted by Glenn on 2013-04-23 11:43:27

Glenn, If you can believe it, I was lucky enough to stay on Windemere for a few days recently. As mentioned, the island is private. But the flats are excellent, as far as this relative newby could tell, i.e., there are fish there and the flats are shallow. Of course, it's right around the corner from that very famous flat that shall go unnamed in respect of spotburning prohibitions but you know what I'm talking aobut. So the question is: are you going to be targeting fish that have the same education as the fish from the famous well-known flat to the northwest? And if so, what's the point of going to the trouble of getting to the Windemere ones? All things to consider.

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