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Posted by Joe R Ellis on 2013-04-23 13:49:00 in reply to Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing posted by George Glazener on 2013-04-23 10:06:26

My wife Marina and I spent our younger days learning to fly fish for trout in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. The sport and love of outdoors was passed on to our children. As a family we progressed onward to fly fishing for other species which included Large and Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Channel Cat to name a few. We also did some saltwater fly fishing.

When the age of sixty came about we moved to a town on the shore of a reservoir in eastern New Mexico.It has been our home for seven years. Of course we continued to fly fish and that is where the problems began with the local bass fishing establishment. Our kickboats and small aluminum boat did not match up to their standards, and our method of fishing was frowned upon. For several years they found ways to harass us on the water and in town. At on point obscenities were spray painted on the side of our pickup. My wife who loved the sport even quit fishing for atime but has returned now. I did not relent and now some of the old guard are coming around to try our way of fishing. A few have asked for advise. It is good to see that some narrow minded people are now willing to discover and enjoy the diversity of our fly fishing sport. They are coming around!

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