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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2013-04-23 13:18:13 in reply to Re: PS on floating line posted by Howard Brown on 2013-04-23 09:57:22


Here's my 2 cents OK?

I have both of them, First I think using either one is perfect for Mexico fishing where 30-50 foot casts are the norm, also in Mexico your constantly fighting fish and stretching the line in very warm weather and water temps, so the memory don't come into play that much, in my experience. Again we are talking about Mexico, not Florida. In Florida I want zero memory and no splash, In Mexico splash is good :)

I used to use the Monic clear floater, However the taper wasn't up to the task of casting big Crease flies. The Cortland clear floater in Mexico is hard to beat for price and performance, again my 2 cents

If you want to know more about Mexico and hybrid lines that I have made, drop me an email.

Carl Blackledge

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