Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing

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Posted by George Glazener on 2013-04-23 10:06:26

Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing

It has been interesting to me to see the developing interest in fly-fishing for Largemouth Bass from members of Blantonville community.
More recently, posts about bass fishing, fly tyin’ and tournaments.
Of note, the Southern Council of Federation of Fly Fishers has endorsed 4th ANNUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BASS ON THE FLY FISHING TOURNAMENT, LAKE FORK, TEXAS, USA - SATURDAY MAY 11, 2013

Most bass fishermen know that Lake Fork has produced over the years some 253 certified LMB over 13 pounds.

I have been fishing for largemouth bass all my life, and quiet frankly have not fished for them since discovering striped bass years ago. There seems to be a renewed interest amongst fly fishers.

This seems to me is coming from two directions.
One, from the traditional fly fishers discovering a new species of jumping fish that are exciting to catch on big top water bass bugs.

Another, surprisingly enough, from the hard core, dyed in the wool gear bass fishermen.

Case in point – couple of years ago a Lake Fork veteran BASS tournament fisherman contacted me to teach him how to fly fish for bass – fly rod selection – beginner fly casting lessons – fly tying – the whole bit.

I got him started on a nice moderate action 6 wt rod and he progressed so rapidly he recently up graded to TFO Mini-Mag fly rod that is one of the best-kept secrets in TFO’s arsenal. IIRC correctly, Nick Curcione developed this rod for Florida mangrove fishing and I don’t believe has been promoted as a bass fly rod, but it is one of the best.
I know that Sage has popular Bass fly rod series, but I have not had a chance to try them.

My new friend owns a 10-acre private lake near Lake Fork with double digit LMB and he now is on fire with bass on the fly.

I now know of several hardcore gear bass fishermen that are playing with fly tackle, showing the pressured Fork bass new stuff to look at.

Pardon the long post - just my personal observations that some may find interesting.

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