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Posted by henry cowen on 2013-04-23 08:08:38 in reply to Steve Farrars Flash Blend alternative posted by JC Smith on 2013-04-22 17:39:03


Farrars Flash Blend is made of 1 part kinky/slinky (same thing) fiber and 3 parts angel hair. You can use flash-n-slinky (made by same company that makes Farrar blend) and it is 3 parts kinky/slinky fiber and 1 part Comes Alive (flash). Much less flashy than the Farrar Blend. Or as guys previously stated, you can go to Kinky/Slinky fiber which has NO FLASH in it. I would look at the flash-n-slinky. I think it will give you just the right amount of flash and still allow you to trim up your Kinky Muddler fly perfectly. Metz sells the Flash-N-Slinky at all their participating dealers. It is part of the Just Add H2O family of synthetics.


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