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Posted by Martin Bowers on 2013-04-21 01:06:46 in reply to Snagging Tarpon posted by Bill Rhodes on 2013-04-19 15:46:31

If snagging is the goal why are these guys that fish with jigs using circle hooks and not double or treble hooks?

I've caught plenty of tarpon on jigs and never fished the Pass. Every one has been hooked inside the mouth.

I think any fly fisherman should consider carefully the actual evidence before supporting the ban of an artificial lure in favor of live bait. Personally I need to see multiple videos of the circle hook snagging or an FWC study that says snagging is happening and the FWC study says snagging is NOT obviously occurring.

Note also the article recommends AGAINST catch and release for bonefish, maybe because they make good bait for tarpon..

"brighter days are ahead — if the commission takes that first bold step on Wednesday and designates tarpon [but not bonefish] as a catch-and-release-only species."

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