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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-20 10:48:44

I have enjoyed the response to my Tarpon Reports. So I thought I’d post a picture of my Toad variation and ask for suggestions on a name for it. Instead of using chenille or yarn for the head I used a Puglisi Brush. I treat the brush like hackle or crystal chenille folding each wrap forward while stroking the fibers back to lay down around the rabbit collar. Three ingredients,Chartreuse Finn Raccoon, White Rabbit, Puglisi brush. I tied them in all Chartreuse but Davey Wilson a good friend and professional guide out of Islamorada 305-393-2797 told me to tie some up in Tan. Not having any Finn Coon in Tan I compromised. Needless to say the first fish I showed the tan head to ate it. Davey knows his stuff. He guides for Cheeca lodge but keeps some dates open for die hard Tarpon junkies with a fly rod. I hope you enjoy the fly and under no circumstances should you copy it or show it to anybody…except perhaps Andy Mill…LMAO

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