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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-19 14:57:16 in reply to Re: Keep them coming..... posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-04-11 18:21:16

I had 4 or 5 friends come up and tell me they heard I had a great day at the location I fed 3 fish. Jay and I spoke about it before heading to port. It was very symbiotic we both said at the same time, “if we tell these guys we were hear there will be 50 boats here at daybreak. So I did not give the location. One guide asked if I was out at a certain area. Yup I said that’s where we where….NOT! I felt bad but I knew I was going back there in the morning. Sure enough next day I fed one more fish there before giving up my spot to a local guide and friend Perry. His anglers jumped two in the last hour of the charter. He was very grateful for the spot and thanked me in front of a bunch of guides I usually don’t get acknowledged by. The next day I was surprised to have some of them introduce themselves. Word of mouth down there is faster than the internet.

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