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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-04-19 13:45:29 in reply to Re: FWC Tarpon update posted by Ted Cassar on 2013-04-19 11:22:22

You are exactly right about this. Here is what Chris Knutsen, district Biologist for ODFW's North Coast watershed had to say about what flossing was doing in Oregon where anglers were positioning themselves in areas where there where large concentrations of fish. In this case it was salmon. He said, " Flossing is the practice of drifting line into the gaping mouth of a fish holding in the river current. Large hooks attached by the leader easily hook the fish on the outside of the jaw". He added, " these snaggers have been aggressive and have displaced legitimate anglers.

This displacement of legitimate anglers is exactly what is occuring in Boca Grande Pass and anyone who has watched the PTTS show on television can agree. This brings this matter to another intersection which is exactly what you pointed out. It is as much of a social issue as it is legal concern involving anti snagging laws we contend are being broken that are already intact in Florida.

Thanks for the compliment but you should know there are many folks involved in this effort and all of them share the same passion for this issue as I do. I believe this effort resembles what I like to call the freckles theory......... even freckles can make a good tan if you get enough of them together. There is a bunch of us! I am just one freckle.

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