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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-04-19 10:11:13

Just returned from FWC meeting involving tarpon and bonefish. The commissioners unanimously passed the proposal to put tarpon and bonefish in the catch and release category. The final vote will take place in June I believe however given their total support on the 17th this looks very promising. In its present format this will require fish to be released at time and point of capture. Photos in the water are fine and so is measuring length and girt in the water. There is also a provision that will allow IGFA records to be taken with a tag however this would be limited to only one fish per angler per year.

Another issue was opened to public discussion to the commissioners. This involved the Boca Grande JIg and covered the subject involving snagging of tarpon. Our group takes the position that this jig is in fact snagging fish in Boca Grande Pass. The opposition denies this. The 8/0 offset circle hook on this jig is positioned "above" the hook with the weight of the jig body underneath. This has been outlawed in numerous states such as oregon, Washington, N.Y, ect. The method this is used is called flossing and we submit this describes the same method this jig is being used in Boca Grande.

The commissioners listen intently and agreed to have staff gather data to determine the validity of these claims. This is very good news in that the best thing we expected took place on this and that was to reopen the discussion involving snagging of tarpon.

Late that night we flew back to Boca Grande and I boarded High Rollers and poured a well needed scotch happy with the days events.

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