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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-18 23:14:48

My day started with an upside down exclamation point(see Photo). I could not for the life of me figure out the significance of such an event. The wind had laid down a bit and all was well. I had stopped at the Rod Shop in Islamorada to have a fighting butt put on my new NRX PRO 1 12 wt. For some reason the nice folks at GLoomis could only spare a tiny drip of glue and so the first time I stuck it in the rod holed the darn thing broke off. I sent them an email asking for a new fighting butt however they insist that I return the rod and use up my one free warranty exchange. Well in the middle of Tarpon season that's not an option. So I went back to see Gabriel who builds and repairs rods for many of the locals. Years ago he replaced a tip top on the only rod I owned and charged me $5. At first, he says $5 sounds right for the cork. When I went to pay him he looked at the label still glued to the cork and said forget about it. You've had a tough enough day.Off I went. As I left the marina I looked back and here I find myself enjoying this upside down exclamation point when some joker in a technical poling skiff WITH A TROLLING MOTOR MOUNTED ON THE BOW. Pulls up along side of me. I was so amused by the looks of his boat I agreed to fish with him (in separate boats of course). This kind fellow turned out to be an ok kind of guy who led me through an alternative and shorter route to our destination. Once there I guess he tired of watching me feeding fish and decided to try it himself. Of course the fish he wound up fighting was certainly the one I had just broken off. AND, Of course he denied finding my green fly in that Tarpons face. I decided not to frisk him to be sure since I was certain he could whip my butt. The good news was I fed 3 fish that day and the other good news was I learned a couple of new ways to LDR my fish. The first method I mastered was a tailing loop knot. I saw the fly complete the circle and knew when I made my follow up cast that fish would eat. Well she did and she was gone. The second new method of LDR was having the fish eat and as the line was burning through my fingers the dancing line behind my hand wrapped around my new sissy bar. Note to self, get new stripping basket that will fit on the poling platform (thanks Ray). Meanwhile here comes that character right by my skiff being towed by MY FISH! While I was re-rigging.The indignity of it all was overwhelming. I decided he might make a worthy dinner companion so I invited him to dinner only to discover he won't eat a tomato, poor guy don't know what he's missing. He took a lot of ribbing over his skiff and his fly tying lately but I have to hand it to Jay Townsend, he can take it. He is also a Master Tarpon angler along with some skills on the links, no not BBQ! So if you have not guessed correctly yes, that’s Jay’s neat HB technical poling skiff WITH A TROLLING MOTOR ON THE BOW(LMAO). No need for the trolling motor when you have a 70# Tarpon willing to tow you down the lake. So the news is good this week. Tarpon are around in good numbers and THEY ARE EATING! I had great success with my Tarpon Comet (this fly is nothing more than a Finn Raccoon tail braced with one turn of chenille behind and one in front of the tail. (that's it, looks like a comet) and a Toad variation both in Chartreuse. The back country was livelier than oceanside but I did hear one report that Long Key State park area was holding some fish. Even though Jay and I fished that area with no success we reasoned the tide just was not right for that spot. For those of you coming down in the next few weeks, bring black,chartreuse,olive grizzly,yellow/orange, and worm flies. I’ll be back next week with an update…tight lines
Oh did I mention I fed 3 fish to Jay’s one, ah never mind.

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