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Posted by Chuck Laughridge on 2013-04-14 08:48:03 in reply to Re: Feeding Tarpon posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-13 08:42:54

Just couldn't bring myself to post on the OT (Other Topic), but this one is a peach, and please consider that a compliment!

Tarpon fishing is not done enough by me to even be close to an expert, but fly folks nowadays, even the younger generations with Go Pros and all types of video equipment need to try and understand that even with "new" stuff, from rods to boats, and reels to leaders, and flies to stripping techniques ------

---- there is really nothing that hasn't been done in fly fishing before, just a whole lot of stuff (usually use a slightly shorter word that starts with "s" and ends with "t") that should never be done again!

Have a fine tarpon season, enjoy every day of it, and for those so inclined, send Capt Jake Jordan an email or text as he recovers marvelously from his second hip replacement!

Good Fishing!!!

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