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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-04-13 05:41:54 in reply to Re: Keep them coming..... posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-11 08:20:33


I didn't get that idea at all. Some are and some are not..... Sometimes I think it's like porcupines on a cold night. They want to huddle together but they just keep sticking one another in the process.

I agree with Dan about yelling. Boy, I was a good yeller when I was younger but over time I learned it doesn't help. In fact, most of the time it causes people to stop and want to have a discussion, heated or otherwise, and the interruption is extended.

Now days I just keep fishing and wondering how it is that people can't figure out I am fishing when I am in a fishing boat, holding a fishing rod and wearing fishing cloths. Maybe a blinking neon sign...I AM FISHING HERE. The cap's here don't mean I was yelling...honest.

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