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Posted by LeeH on 2013-04-11 12:19:56

Since folks have been asking for a lighter, stronger hook, for my Neutralizer, I have been working to create neutral buoyancy formulas for 2 Gamakatzu hook styles:
SC-15 & SL-12S

The question is: which hook style to use?
Some folks prefer the strong, wide gape, and upturned point, of the SL-12S (1/0), [which is a somewhat heavier hook to the SC-15 (2/0)]. However, others prefer the straight point of the SC-15, for tarpon.

It appears that the 1/0 SL-12S is very similar in gape to the 2/0 SC-15, although the SL-12S, 1/0 is still a bit heavier.

I would like some feedback on these hooks, for adult tarpon.
Is the 2/0 SC-15 strong enough for big tarpon?
Any issues here?

I have found that by utilizing the lighter Gama hooks, I can reduce the hourglass eye size, as well as the foam size, for a lighter weight Neutralizer. This should be an improvement for some folks, although many still like the heavier, bulletproof, Tar 800 hook (stainless).

My goal is to offer options for those looking for a lighter, smaller profile (easier casting) fly, while maintaining a strong hook. This is especially important for baby tarpon.

Any comments are appreciated.


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