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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-04-11 05:47:29 in reply to Re: Keep them coming..... posted by Brian Thielicke on 2013-04-10 23:25:42

Andy is without a doubt one of the most experienced tarpon anglers on the planet who also happens to be one of the nicest folks around. His desire to pass that knowledge on to others is admirable and I respect that.

Education on "how to", in my opinion is open territory. Information on "where to" can be damaging. I wrote a column for the Orlando Sentinel for several years. During that time I wrote about techniques constantly but never once did I mention a specific spot. As Flip always says, " the minute you tell someone exactly where to fish you have taken away their joy of finding it on their own".

I applaude Andy and encourage him to keep passing on the vast council he has paid dearly for all of his angling life.

As for the guides being upset about this.... every time they take a charter out they are doing the same thing. They to are passing on the knowledge through instruction that will allow their client to be successful. The client should leave the boat with this information because this is part of a seasoned guides job. Otherwise, the guide would be nothing more than a boat driver. Further more each trip involves the possibility the client will show up the next day in the spots the guide showed him the day before.

I understand why the guides are concerned on every front. The job they have chosen is difficult. The water has gotten to be a very busy place. In addition to more anglers about the recreational boating traffic is off the charts. If all that isn't enough our tarpon fisheries are under attack by people who see it as just another way to cash in.

There are runs in Boca Grande I once fished with great success. On a weekday there might have been only two or three skiffs posted up. Now I won't fish them at all due to the fact there are ten plus boats there. The tarpon arrive at these places and actually increase their swimming speed to get over the bars.

Now days I have changed my tactics and once again I am fishing areas less crowded. I rarely fish the shallow runs. There are places that are deep water where fish swim on top. I really don't understand why this is the case for certain deeper spots but I have learned the fish feel more comfortable with more water under their belly. This might me venerability of being caught off guard in the shallows by sharks ect.

My point is by passing on stuff like this it might help someone hook up their first tarpon. You will note I never mention where. That's the difference in my mind.

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