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Posted by Brian Thielicke on 2013-04-10 23:25:42 in reply to Re: Keep them coming..... posted by Cary on 2013-04-10 18:03:01

Seriously, the continuous battering of Keys Guides is something I have never understood. I realize everyones experience and perceptions are unique to that individual (and I respect that), but I have fished the Keys for more than 20 years (with multiple guides) and personally have never experienced this behavior. My experience and opinion (which that and $4 will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks!) is that they are unfairly maligned! Sure the top 20% are a unique and a wealth of experience and wisdom, and like any thing in life there are some certifiable "a-holes" but c'mon. I personally disagree with this "premiss" that all Keys Guides have behavior "challenges"
I personally thing people are just jumping on the "wagon".
Most first time tarpon fly fisherman have unreasonably high expectations (along with inflated opinion of their capabilities).
I still remember the first couple of trips I made, and the 'schooling" I got from the fishery too. Though I had practiced for a considerable amount of time (in my opinion) I was still far from the level I needed to be "in the game".
This is not meant to be offensive to anyone, just my opinion.

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