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Posted by Brandon McGlamery on 2013-04-10 18:35:27 in reply to Re: Keep them coming..... posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-10 14:23:34

Michael, I really love reading your posts, but feel the need to comment on the locals being pissed off by Andy Mill's post on Midcurrent. Its guys like Andy, Bill Bishop, & Rob Fordyce/Donald Larmouth that wrote great books that covered EVERYTHING on Fly Fishing For Tarpon. They presented it to a whole new generation of Flyfisherman and Guides, and I am sure that some of those guides not only cut their teeth on the water to gain experience, but they themselves own & read those books, front to back more than a couple of times, and then reread them in reverse to see if they missed something.

I am confused that they are upset about why they are pissed about a article featuring the worm hatch (which to my knowledge has not happened yet) I think one thing they need to remember is that " it is only fishing" and Andy along w/ so many other greats, has done so many amazing things for teaching people how to fish tarpon successfully. And he is a great supporter of using guides/locals to achieve his success.

I do not think that him giving up the 2 handed strip was a negative thing, and fisherman have been using that strip in the Northeast for decades and I have often at times used it for fishing snook on the beach. I found it to be a piece of information of something different to try. I recently saw a video of spey caster using a two handed strip, which I hope did not upset some of the locals in that spot!!

Controversy sometimes keeps it Cleaner. I love the Keys, and support its guides and I will be down this weekend to try and get some shots at feeding tarpon, I am just stating anyone that is pissed off by a two handed strip tutorial posted on line, I would love to buy them a tequila shot and a beer to get them to relax a little more chill about being able to fish for such an amazing fish.... while not being connected to the internet..... Cheers, Brandon

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