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Posted by Jonny King on 2013-04-09 21:43:32 in reply to Daiichi Hooks posted by tom karrow on 2013-04-09 14:33:32

Daiichi saltwater hooks are excellent but don't match up quite with the Gami or TMC models you ask about. There are no stainless or tinned Daiichi hooks (that I know of) that are quite like like either the TMC 800 (heavy wire, big gap/bend, short shank) or Gami SC15 (short shank and swept back bend). They're a touch closer to the SL12, but without the beaked point. For saltwater hooks, the 2456 is like a super high quality Mustad 34007 or TMC 811s in dimension -- standard bend, shank length and diameter. The Xpoint equivalent (452) is similar in design, but it's not stainless and has that extremely sharp point which hooks superbly. But, the X point hooks do tend to rust much faster than the stainless 2456. All told, every hook you mention is good, so you won't go wrong. I do think the SC15 is more prone to fouling tail materials for any fly with a soft tail -- bunny, saddles, etc. -- because the bend sweeps so far back, but it's a good hook otherwise.

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