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Posted by Martin Elphinstone on 2013-04-09 20:50:01 in reply to Re: Beulah 8/9 Surf rod posted by Jim Williams on 2013-04-09 19:40:12

Thanks Jim, I think I would generally agree with the general comments about longer rod = longer head but being new at this whole DH thing myself I probably fit into the "need all the help with casting that I can get" category! The shorter heads are a nice place to start for beginners like me but I can imagine that as I gain skills I may be able to graduate to longer heads. Here on the Australian east coast we can get some pretty big surf conditions - do you think this sort of water makes longer heads trickier to handle (compared to flatter, less exposed beaches) or is it more about rod length and action (and the caster of course)?

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