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Posted by Jonny King on 2013-04-09 09:59:25 in reply to Re: Beulah 8/9 Surf rod posted by Jim Williams on 2013-04-08 15:32:20

Just a few more thoughts. First, I do see that Rio only offers an 11 wt OBS in full floating, but here in the Northeast, we use full floating lines in the surf all the time, pretty much interchangeably with intermediates. In some respects, a full floater is more versatile, because you can pick it up more quickly if you see a boil and can fish poppers too (I sometimes will fish a Gurgler on an intermediate, but it's not the best).

Second, I have slightly disagree about using the OBS vs the regular length OB on the Beulah Surf Rods. I've tried both and consistently found the 30 foot head WAAAAY easier to deal with than the 37.5 foot head on beaches, where you often have an upward slope, people walking behind you, and also the need to cast to a swirl or boil quickly. While I agree that the standard OB has a slight distance edge -- longer flight time, less of a tendency to dump -- it's just much more fussy handling what is effectively a 37.5 shooting head on the beach. You get a quicker load with the shorter head, and the distance difference is fairly negligable in real world fishing (though on a lawn you can throw the longer head decently farther). All the OBS lines are now 100 ft (they used to be 120), and that's plenty for shore fishing, because handling much more line in a stripping basket with any kind of waves is a nightmare to me.

Finalyy, Jim -- my prototype Serum (now probably 2-3 years old) has a head shorter than 39 feet -- I think it's only 32-33 feet for the 7/8 version. I think James S (Beulah's owner) said the production models will be 33-35 foot heads, with interchangeable intermediate and floating tips, but you might check with him. When available, I'm sure they'll be great lines.

But anyway, I think an 11 weight OBS short in a floater would be a great surf/beach line for your 8/9 two hander. Maybe the Skagit option works well too, especially if you want to put some T14 on the end for a sinking line. Hope this stuff helps and doesn't confuse matters!


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